Mainmark has launched a series of free CPD seminars for construction and building specialists, ground engineers and property managers in a bid to help improve all-around industry knowledge of the latest technologies and solutions for ground engineering and property preservation.

Our training programme for clients and business partners has been recognised by the CPD Certification Service. Mainmark’s seminars now count towards the Continued Professional Development requirements in sectors such as construction, engineering and property and facilities management.

About Us

Mainmark provides a range of specialist ground engineering and asset preservation solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, civil infrastructure and heritage sectors.

Committed to excellence, Mainmark’s state-of-the-art solutions are backed by more than 20 years of engineering expertise. Mainmark has over 15 sites across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

Mainmark’s products and services include solutions for ground stabilisation, void filling, stopping water ingress, raising and levelling on-ground and in-ground structures, fixing anchors into rock faces and embankments, and other related ground-engineering processes.

Globally, the Mainmark group consists of Mainmark Ground Engineering and other related engineering businesses.

CPD Courses and Workshops

Hi-tech solutions for ground stabilisation and re-levelling: Engineered resin injection and multi-point injection of cementitious grout

A detailed introduction to cutting-edge, proprietary solutions for non-invasive foundation repairs and ground improvement.

Discover Teretek® – a non-invasive geopolymer, expansive resin injection solution used for ground strengthening, void filling, building re-levelling, slab lifting and support.

Learn about JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting: multi-point injection of cementitious grout under computer control, for precision re-levelling, accurate within millimetres.

No excavation necessary, little to no noise, no vibration.
Applications of other technologies for ground improvement and asset preservation: Terefil, Permeation Grouting & LPDG, and STRAAM (Structural Risk Assessment and Management).

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