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At Mainmark, we are ground engineering specialists with over 25 years’ experience. Having completed more than 30,000 projects over a range of continents, you can be sure that you’re speaking to experts when you contact our team.

Our ground engineers can raise, re-level and re-support buildings that have been affected by subsidence. Our wide skillset applies to residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as heritage buildings, infrastructure and more!

Our world-leading ground engineering technologies achieve safe, accurate and economically delivered outcomes. No single method can provide the solution to every ground engineering problem, so we have developed a range of our own state-of-the-art proprietary technologies.

Our ground engineering solutions

Mainmark provide services which are less intrusive to your business or life, are technically competent, quick and cost effective. We raise, re-level, and re-support homes and other buildings.

measurement equipment on a house


Mainmark specialises in soil stabilisation and ground stabilisation to improve support for residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, public and heritage buildings, and infrastructure such as roads, bridges and powerlines that are suffering from ground instability.

ruler leaning on a unlevelled concrete slab


Mainmark specialises in re-levelling slabs and structures to bring buildings back to correct levels and also strengthen any weak ground under and around the perimeter of the foundations. This helps to ensure a stable base and helps to avoid any recurring sinking issues.

underpinning banner teretek


Mainmark’s approach to foundation repair uses unique underpinning techniques that are like keyhole surgery. Having previously used Uretek®, we now utilise our proprietary Teretek® engineered resin solution as it is a fast and reliable alternative to concrete underpinning.  It addresses subsidence by re-levelling concrete slab floors, strip footings, raft slabs, waffle-pod slabs, infill slabs, and driveways.

void under a concrete slab

Void Filling

Mainmark offers a variety of solutions for filling underground voids and holes in order to stabilise strata in tunnels and to strengthen the foundations under buildings and other on-ground structures such as railways, roads and bridges.

We're happy to have helped

“We are pleased with Mainmark Company from the beginning to the end of their assessment and work. We had few quotations from other firms but Mainmark was very competitive and took us very serious. We had very bad experience with another competitive firm who let us down on many occasions. The work was done on time and the team which was led by D____ was professional, helpful and explained the procedures to us. They cleaned the site after they have finished and the whole procedure was not stressful as we expected. We would definitely recommend them and never regret it.”

Milad, Sandhurst, Berkshire. July 2021

“A superb service. The response, following my enquiry, was immediate and the work was completed on time and to a very high standard. Highly recommended.”

Peter, Washingborough, Lincolnshire. July 2021

“Your Team have just left site following a very productive days work. I write to say how impressed we have been by the diligent, professional and courteous way in which the project was conducted. Your operatives under the eye of T___ are first class. In addition we were very pleased and impressed with the professional advise negotiated with the insures Subsidence Engineer in the forming of a contract by your technical rep K___. In general terms a very satisfied customer.”

Robin, Cranleigh, Surrey. July 2021

“I cannot thank M___, D__, J___, and J___ enough for a brilliant job they did on my conservatory. It is amazing to watch the floor rising as soon as the resin as it’s being injected. From the time i contacted Mainmark to completing my job was just a few weeks. J___ and E_____ and S___, kept me well informed about any concerns i had without trying to sell me anything i didn’t need. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, whether its a homeowner or a massive company. They are very professional in everything they do, but also care very much about their work.
Well done to all the team. I cannot thank you enough.
Very much appreciated.”

Valerie, Glascote, Staffordshire. July 2021

“After a thorough investigation by one of your civil engineers, a team turned up early to start work. Furniture was carefully moved, carpets lifted and preparations for the job took place. I was horrified by the foundation cracks and gaps between skirting boards and foundations but was reassured by team members that this was not unusual. Drilling and filling took place and to my amazement the foundations were levelled and stabilized and looked so much better. Carpets were re-laid after measurements were taken and the furniture replaced. All-in-all a thoroughly professional job done by an efficient and friendly crew. I could not have asked for better service.”

Derek, Swanage, Dorset. June 2021