Problems we solve

Finding the best solution for each ground problem requires an experienced and tailored approach.

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Cracked Walls

Solutions for structural damage due to sinking foundations

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Sinking Floors

Solutions for subsidence under your home

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Jammed Doors / Windows

Solutions for unlevel homes due to foundation damage

sinking floors

Foundation Subsidence

Solutions for shifting ground or erosion

At Mainmark, we are ground engineering specialists with over 25 years’ experience. Having completed more than 30,000 projects over a range of continents, you can be sure that you’re speaking to experts when you contact our team.

Our ground engineers can raise, re-level and re-support buildings that have been affected by subsidence. Our wide skillset applies to residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as heritage buildings, infrastructure and more!

Our world-leading ground engineering technologies achieve safe, accurate and economically delivered outcomes. No single method can provide the solution to every ground engineering problem, so we have developed a range of our own state-of-the-art proprietary technologies.


Mainmark provide services which are less intrusive to your business or life, are technically competent, quick and cost effective. We raise, re-level, and re-support homes and other buildings.

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Mainmark specialises in soil stabilisation and ground stabilisation to improve support for residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, public and heritage buildings, and infrastructure such as roads, bridges and powerlines that are suffering from ground instability.



Mainmark specialises in re-levelling slabs and structures to bring buildings back to correct levels and also strengthen any weak ground under and around the perimeter of the foundations. This helps to ensure a stable base and helps to avoid any recurring sinking issues.

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Mainmark’s approach to foundation repair uses unique underpinning techniques that are like keyhole surgery. Having previously used Uretek®, we now utilise our proprietary Teretek® engineered resin solution as it is a fast and reliable alternative to concrete underpinning.  It addresses subsidence by re-levelling concrete slab floors, strip footings, raft slabs, waffle-pod slabs, infill slabs, and driveways.

void filling services

Void Filling

Mainmark offers a variety of solutions for filling underground voids and holes in order to stabilise strata in tunnels and to strengthen the foundations under buildings and other on-ground structures such as railways, roads and bridges.

We're happy to have helped

“We just had S___ round to assess some worrying cracks in our walls, and he was great. He did a thorough assessment of all the cracks and the surrounding areas, took measurements of changes in the floor levels and walls, and made recommendations on what the causes were plus how to tackle them – all at no cost to us. Unfortunately for Mainmark this meant that there was no work to follow up on as the issue was not subsidence, but I really appreciated S___’s honesty and integrity. As a bonus he was also on time and a thoroughly friendly chap! Would highly recommend, and in fact already have done to a friend who also has alarming cracks in her house! Thank you!”

Claire, Greater Manchester, England. April 2021

“I completely agree with other reviewers – they seem to do their best to give you good sound engineering advice, even if it means that you spend less money with them. Our visiting engineer, K___, was extremely knowledgeable and commented on many aspects of engineering-related issues with our house, before eventually recommending Mainmark’s services for just one relatively small area. Their quote was very reasonable too. Haven’t had the work done as yet – watch this space!”

Dan, London. March 2021

“I approached Mainmark UK in September 2020 after requesting a quote for their Teretek Resin Injections, K___ visited the property and greeted us with respect and kindness. After explaining what their injections would do he sent us a very reasonable quote for the works to be done. After getting the money together we called mainmark on site to do the works, the engineers were fast and efficient and the effects could be seen almost instantly. Compared with regular underpinning this method is really fast and easy, Not to mention the immense cost savings compared with Geobear and a 20 Year Warranty. You can’t go wrong.”

Harjap, Romford, Essex. February 2021

“Very happy with the results. Mainmark were very professional from start to finish. The guys on site were polite and kept us informed along the way. To see it happening in front of your eyes is mind blowing. Can not recommend enough. Best money I have ever spent.”

Lee, Spencers Stirchley, Birmingham. April 2021

“Having found myself in a very urgent and awkward spot with some structural issues Mainmark were miracle workers. They were efficient, understanding, easy to deal with and cost effective. I could speak more highly of them – they are a very impressive team who made a really tough situation manageable – and with ease.”

Leo, London. March 2021