Working with industries across the globe

Mainmark has been working with industries around the world for more than 20 years, delivering unique, innovative and precise ground engineering solutions.

Weak ground and subsidence issues can have a negative impact on your business, no matter what sector you work in. If your building or structure has cracks in the walls, jammed windows and doors or sinking uneven floors – they need to be assessed by an expert team like Mainmark.

By providing quick and effective methods for numerous foundation repairs, Mainmark will help ensure your business remains operational during the repair works – preventing downtime and losses to your business.

Civil engineering ground works we cover include:

  • Sinking floor level correction
  • Strengthening weak and unstable foundations
  • Filling holes, voids and pipes
  • Damage from natural hazards including earthquakes and sink holes

With our non-invasive, precise, cost and time efficient techniques, we can work with any business, from Commercial and Industrial sectors, through to Infrastructure and Public or Heritage Buildings.

Our advanced technological methods are effective on any size structure, of any type, including listed and protected heritage buildings – offering overall asset protection for years to come.

Our subsidence and settlement engineering techniques are very business friendly unlike many other traditional methods.

Benefits of Mainmark’s methods

No mess – there is little if no dust, water, or anything else to clean up

There is minimal disruption with our subsidence repair methods

Techniques are non-invasive: floors are generally not taken up or grounds excavated

We future-proof your asset for its life

We work quickly and effectively

The products and techniques we use are environmentally inert