Teretek® Resin Injection Solution

This hi-tech, advanced and engineered resin injection method delivers both ground improvement and re-levelling.

Mainmark’s proprietary Teretek® geopolymer resin injection solution is suitable for geotechnical issues across all infrastructure, residential, industrial, marine and commercial sectors.

Teretek is our non-invasive means of enhancing ground strengthening and re-levelling structures, offering minimal intrusion and interruption to the occupants. It is suitable for addressing problems across residential, industrial, infrastructure, commercial and mining sectors:

Fast, non-invasive and an overall cleaner alternative to traditional underpinning

Suitable for a broad range of buildings and assets; from warehouse slabs, houses, highways and rail lines to airport runways

Economic and environmentally inert

20-year product warranty

Teretek’s unique benefits include the non-invasive way in which it can be delivered. Using a process likened to keyhole surgery, an expanding polyurethane resin mix is delivered into the ground via an array of small bore injection tubes. A chemical reaction and consequent expansion occurs as the components mix together, upon entry to the ground. This reaction and expansion strengthens the ground and the structure or building is returned to level in a controlled manner. The resin forms a strong, long lasting and stable material that is environmentally inert.

Ground subsidence can cause buildings and concrete slabs to require re-levelling, and the need to enhance the ground bearing capacity underneath structures. The initial signs of subsidence, differential settlement and ground instability, such as cracking in walls, sinking floors, or misaligned doors and windows are often ignored, leading to often very significant and costly damage. The problems can compound if the cause and damage are not treated early.

Mainmark’s Teretek engineered resin injection solution can help address the underlying issues before they intensify. For the majority of projects it is not necessary for the building occupants to vacate during the works. Most level correcting of houses and/or slabs can be carried out in less than a day. Treated slabs, roadways and driveways are trafficable within hours of Mainmark completing treatment. Building on our experience of correcting foundation ground issues and our knowledge of advanced resin injection and grout technologies, Mainmark developed our proprietary and cost effective solution for treating the cause and effect of ground subsidence, differential settlement and instability. The Teretek resin uses an injection delivery method to raise, re-level, and re-support structures that have suffered the effects of ground subsidence.

Teretek is a two-in-one solution delivering both ground improvement and re-levelling. It fills voids, improves the grounds bearing capacity and level corrects, all with no detrimental effects on the environment and at a fraction of the cost of other ground engineering methods such as traditional underpinning. The resin injection application is carefully controlled with continuous level monitoring. Where the conditions permit, the injection is done from outside the building or house. In some instances the injection must be carried out internally. Where this is the case, injection points are strategically positioned to minimise intrusion and the injection tube diameter is kept to a minimum.

commercial building with mainmark fencing

Commercial and Industrial/warehouse

Keeping premises safe while re-leveling or re-supporting structures and plant and machinery operating correctly.

aerial photo of an airport


Maximising the ongoing value of assets.

Historic college building in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Public Buildings / Heritage Assets

Uneven ground stabilisation for improved safety.

row of terrace homes


Addressing building foundation problems, keeping your home or investment property structurally sound.