Jammed Doors and Windows

Jammed doors and windows can quite often be the first signs of subsidence and foundation damage in a home.

If doors and/or windows stick and are difficult to operate, swing open on their own or have gaps around their frames, the cause of these problems should be investigated quickly by an expert.

To help you discover if the cracks in walls around you home could be due to subsidence, we’ve developed this handy tool. Visit our crack gauge page to download our FREE crack gauge and start measuring and monitoring the wall cracks around your home now!

Print-at-home crack gauge

When to start worrying about house movement?

Not just apparent in older properties, the causes behind jammed windows and doors often occur when the soil underneath a home’s foundation starts to move or settle and can no longer support the weight of the home.

Foundation settlement can happen with a change to the soil and properties of all ages are susceptible. If you notice problems with doors and windows you should monitor the extent and note any changes daily. If it continues for prolonged periods or worsens, this is when experts should be called in to assess the likely causes for you.

What causes jammed windows and doors?

To determine the correct procedure to fix any settlement issues, the underlying problem must be identified. The most common causes of foundation settlement are:

Soil erosion, often caused by water that is flowing beneath a building’s foundation resulting in voids and reduction of bearing capacity

Groundwater levels affects soil particles causing compression and settlement of the home’s foundation

Poorly compacted soil can cause settlement

Foundation design during construction can be flawed due to inadequate information on ground and soil conditions which can ultimately result in foundation settlement

Vibration caused by nearby construction activity such as drilling or piling, or heavy road traffic can have cause foundation ground settlement

Trees and shrubs can also be a factor, particularly if they’re close to the property’s foundation. Some species absorb a lot more water, affecting the soil moisture levels

How Mainmark can help fix the problem?

Mainmark’s ground improvement and floor re-levelling methods for house foundation settlement are effective for fixing the underlying problems that cause windows and doors to stick in a home.

One of Mainmark’s team of experts will visit your home, assess the damage, and help ascertain the likely cause. Our experienced engineers and technicians establish the appropriate non-invasive underpinning approach needed, creating a plan specific to the needs of your home and the particular signs of subsidence.

Benefits of Mainmark’s methods

Freeing up Jammed doors and windows

Mess is kept to a minimum – no concrete dust or water to clean up

There is minimal disruption to the homeowner due to our non-invasive procedures

No further damage done to the property

In most cases, residents can stay in the home and may not even need to move furniture

Many simple, small residential jobs are done in a day

The methods we use strengthen weak ground, so your home becomes level and more stable

The products and techniques we use are environmentally inert