Mainmark specialises in soil stabilisation and ground stabilisation to improve support for residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, public and heritage buildings, and infrastructure such as roads, bridges and powerlines that are suffering from ground instability.

What is ground instability and the causes?

Ground instability is the upward, lateral, or downward movement of the ground which can cause the movement of a building or structure.

It can occur from natural factors, such as earthquakes which are due to the Earth’s constantly shifting crust, and can also be exacerbated by issues such as soil compaction, ground moisture levels, poorly executed foundations and ground vibrations from passing traffic or excavations. This can lead to subsidence, the gradual downward movement of a building or structure, which can have a huge impact on building operations and safety. This is where our soil and ground stabilisation service can help.

Subsidence can result in unexpected structural damage to the building, internal or external cracks in the walls, sinking floors, the inability to open and close windows and doors, failing drain systems and other severe defects. As mentioned above, this can seriously affect the building’s operations and also have an impact on insurance.

It’s important to act quickly at the first signs of subsidence so remediation work can begin and the problem doesn’t deteriorate, which will then impact the safety of the building.

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Houses, apartments, driveways, footpaths

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Commercial and Industrial

Office buildings, retail outlets, factories and warehouses

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Public and Heritage Buildings

Public buildings, hospitals, schools, educational institutions, roads, bridges underground pipes and other public utilities.

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Ports, rail, roads, and other public infrastructure

Benefits of Mainmark’s soil and ground stabilisation methods

For more than 20 years, Mainmark has been delivering ground engineering solutions around the globe. Our ground stabilisation and soil stabilisation methods will raise, re-level and restore your building or structure back to safety. To find out more, contact our experienced team.

Fast, non-invasive and overall cleaner alternative to traditional underpinning

Suitable for a broad range of buildings and assets from warehouse slabs and houses, to roads, railways and airport runways

Cost-effective and value-added outcomes

Low carbon footprint methods

Environmentally inert

Minimal extra weight imposed on stressed ground


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